About me

Backchatting Books is a blog designed to record my (ir)rational reading ramblings – yes I do suffer assonance and alliteration anxiety. I am a fairly voracious reader of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, crime & mystery and contemporary romance.

I have to place the blame for my love of reading squarely at my parents. When I was young we would go to the library each week and pick out a few books. I discovered Agatha Christie at a school fete of all places. Someone had donated over a dozen books and I had just enough money to buy them. It had to be fate, right? The Man in the Brown Suit is still one of my absolute favourites even though the plot is a bit of a mess. I loved the idea that as a reader I could hear from both the protagonist and the antagonist. From there I moved on to Elizabeth Peters and as the library only had two of her novels, I had to get my fix from another source. I tracked her down to the one bookshop in Brisbane that stocked her. Rather than judging my decidedly cozy tastes (as other shopkeepers have been wont to do), the owner flitted around his bookshop pulling out books from a dozen or so other authors. Heaven!

At the moment I’m happily posting daily and doing reviews five-six days a week. I have a real issue with just reviewing the latest book in a series and so  will try and fill the gaps. This may mean that I’m posting reviews of books that are some years old. If I do this, I will re-read the book before posting rather than relying on my memory which works like a pre-Victorian drainage system – occasionally faulty with lots of convoluted twists & turns and random things floating around.

Five random facts about me:

  • I don’t like green food but I make an exception for spinach if it comes with feta
  • I love semi-colons and regularly lament their misuse
  • I only started reading paranormal and romance fiction early last year but quickly got hooked. I used to be a strictly mystery only girl
  • I’ve visited Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia quite a bit over the last fifteen years but have hardly seen anything of my own country, Australia. I figure I’ll go on a massive road trip one day along the Great Ocean Road or up the top end
  • I have a nasty habit of rereading my favourite books over and over and over. Things have got got so bad, I can quote entire paragraphs out of Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird and Dracula.

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. I am really enjoying the wide range of reviews. I usually read crime & mystery, but maybe I should try some of the other styles.

    • Hi Swadgirl, thank you for the feedback. I’m trying really hard to build the site quickly so hang in there and it will get bigger and better.

    • Hi Ms Urban Book Thief,
      Thank you very much for your vote of confidence. Sharing 11 random facts and answering your 11 questions sounds like fun, but I don’t know 11 blogs with less than 200 followers that I can nominate. I think I need to get to know people in the blogging community a bit better first.

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