Sidekick Gnash-up: Pirate vs Oberon


Today we have a battle between two popular dogs that happen to be sidekicks for some pretty special characters. Pirate, as you might know, is demon slayer Lizzie Brown’s talking Jack Russell Terrier (Angie Fox’s Demon Slayer series). Oberon is of course Atticus the Druid’s talking Irish Wolfhound (The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne). Continue reading

Not So Scary Villains Gnash-up: Lessers vs Dark Knights

GrrrThis week I thought I would compare two types of villains that are lacking a little in the scary stakes. J R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series features lessers who are part of the Lessening Society and they are going up against the Dark Knights in Claire Ashgrove’s Curse of the Templar series. Continue reading

What are Gnash-ups?

GrrrWhat are gnash-ups you may ask? Well, imagine two characters gnashing their teeth at each other trying to work out which one would win in a fight. Grrr. I will be taking a variety of tropes, characters, themes and stylistic choices and putting them up against each other in a completely whimsical, hypothetical battle. No actual fighting will occur because not only is it indecorous, I dislike the thought of cleaning blood out of my carpets.